Seminars in Kokkola and Oulu (26-27 Mars)

The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute FMT research group organized 3D-printing tour with 3DStep Ltd. This tour was intended to share knowledge and experiences of 3D metal printing from both research and entrepreneurial perspectives.  The event included a 2-hour seminar hosted by FMT group and a 3-hour 3DStep Club.

Kokkola 26.3.2019


The event in Kokkola took place at Centria University of Applied Sciences. The seminar had a total of 12 participants and the workshop 16 participants.

For the seminar we had our postdoctoral researcher Kimmo Mäkelä give a presentation on basics of metal 3D-printing and the importance of proper and optimized design work of the parts. Henri Kneckt from Mecaplan gave a presentation on their company and services. Mikko Ojanto from Vossi Group Ltd. also gave a presentation on the 3D-printers (both metal, plastic and carbon fiber etc.) and the benefits that these printers material bring to manufacturing.

In the 3DStep Club, the company CEO Pekka Ketola gave an inspirational speech on the capabilities new innovations can have for businesses and how fearless entrepreneurial spirit can lead companies to thrive with endless possibilities. He gave different examples from both media and their client’s own examples on how this attitude has helped companies reach new heights and gained success, and how 3D-printing has helped them along the way. Vesa Kananen, 3DStep’s technical director, followed Pekka’s presentation by talking about 3DStep’s services and experiences on metal and plastic 3D-printing. At the there was a lot of discussion with the audience member about the state 3D-printing technology

The people who participated the event seemed eager and very interested on the topics of discussion. Many of the participants outside from the FMT research group and 3DStep asked a lot of questions from all presenters and took part in the discussion that often came about them. However, we were slightly disappointed that we were not able attract a larger crowd for the audience but were happy to see that those you did participate the seminar seemed to enjoy it well.

Oulu 27.3.2019


This event took place at the University of Oulu and had a total 35 participants for the seminar and 39 for the workshop.

The seminar in Oulu followed the same pattern as Kokkola, but the seminar portion had four presentations this time. Kimmo Mäkelä and Mikko Ojanto gave their presentations as they had in Kokkola. Samuli Kemppainen also presented this master’s thesis he had written for Detection Technology Ltd. His topic was metal additive methods for prototype tools. The last presenter was Marko Venäläinen, CEO for V.A.V. Group Ltd, who spoke about 3D-printing in tool production.

The 3DStep Club followed the same pattern as in Kokkola. With a large crowd they were able to host a group discussion after Pekka’s presentation, where Pekka gave them the task to think of new ideas, uses and purposes for 3D-printed materials, which produced some good ideas from the different groups.

The event in Oulu managed to attract many people, which was wonderful. Nearly all of them participated throughout the day as well and listened to the presentations keenly. There were not as many questions in proportion to the number of attending audience members (compared to Kokkola), but there was always a few after each presentation. Overall the audience seemed very happy with the day and its content.


Project coordinator